• Q: What type of construction does EverKept do?
    • We can build single-family and multi-family projects.
  • Q: Where do you build?
    • We build throughout Whatcom County, WA. 
  • Q: How much per square foot does it cost to build?
    • Because plans and interior selections vary so much, we can't give square-footage pricing.  We work closely with each customer to tailor-fit their budget with their ideas. 
  • Q: How long would it take to complete my home?
    • After permit approvals, it usually takes​ between six to eight months to complete a new home, longer for multi-family projects.
  • Q: I don't know anything about obtaining my building permit, does EverKept do that?
    • Yes, we can do it completely ourselves or help you go through the process yourself. 

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