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Queen Mountain Contemporary

Bellingham, WA

Follow along as we construct this 3,986 sf contemporary-styled home. You will see us work through each stage of the process and watch the home take shape. 



Framing has continued to near completion and he metal roofing has been installed.  Windows have been on order and interior selections are being finalized.


Time to start framing!  Because of it's contemporary design, the home will have a mono-pitch roof and some tall walls.  The essence of the home is starting to be revealed as you look at the views..  Sitting on a hillside, this home is going to be captivating.

20220502_133009 1.jpg


The foundation is poured and done.  Now it's time to backfill the foundation and install the plumbing that needs to run below the basement concrete floor.


This home utilizes Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) technology, a stay-in-place styrofoam block that we pour the concrete foundation wall within.  It allows for superior insulation and a stronger wall. Lots of foam blocks to stack on this one.

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